stained glass window designs

Choosing Stained Glass Window Hangings Correctly

Stained glass window hangings are one of many choices for your decorate your home. It similar with faux stained glass window film use but they have little different. These hangings applied by hanged on the window top side or walls. It has many variant of models, form, shape, and colors. Many people choose and use it for adorn their house windows or terrace. They do that because of its beautification […]

antique stained glass window patterns

What are Stained Glass Window Patterns?

Stained glass window patterns are important because of the staining glass window process that would have to be done to achieve the perfect result that you want. The details must be paid in full attention especially with the many different themes such as animals, religious patterns, nature and so on. The artist must match and combine many different colors in order for the artwork to look great. Selecting the materials […]

faux stained glass window film church

The Beautification of Faux Stained Glass Window Film

Faux stained glass window film could be the solution for decorating your house with more artistic value applied into it. Sometimes, we feel bored because our house looks common, plain or boring. You might want to update our house lay out whether inside or outside. Your house needs a little arts value touches in order that you don’t want your house looks tedious. We want purchase it with good art […]

smith museum of stained glass

Things to Know About Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows

Smith museum of stained glass windows was opened in February 2000. Unfortunately, it permanently closed in October 2014. It was the first American museum which dedicated to the art of stained glass windows. It showed lot of stained glass windows from many artists. When you entered the museum you would feel like in thousand windows house or church. The beautiful of windows pattern showed the quality of it. The pattern was very detail and the color selecting […]

fire glass fire pit

Luxurious Glass Fire Pit

Glass fire pit is a fire pit that the fuel is called fire glass. Fire glass is composed of very small bits of basic tempered glass. This fire pits is unique because of its fuel. The ice and fire combination was able to gather a lot of attention, and quickly became one of the fastest growing trends for designers and homeowners. Fire glass was first introduced in the Mid 2000s. […]

custom fire pit covers

Advantages of Using a Fire Pit Cover

Fire pit cover just like the name says would be a screen that you usually will use to cover your fire pit area so that the sparks that are produced by the fire doesn’t fly out and become a dangerous hazard for the people around it. The material that you are going to choose for it must be chosen properly too. You could buy these covers from the shop or […]